Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You Call Him Dr. Jones, Babe.

If you haven't guessed it already, I'm old school. It's Star Wars, not Episode IV: A New Hope. Zombies are the undead and shouldn't be sprinting like Olympic athletes. Finally, it's Raiders of the Lost Ark or "Raiders" (if you're hip enough not to use the word "hip"). Stop calling it Indiana Jones AND the Raiders of the Lost Ark!

Speaking of Dr. Jones and his adventures, I heard that the "Raiders" franchise is getting some love at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con. If you got the coin, or a solid gold fertility idol, you can bring home this 6 pack of figures that sparked the trilogy. (Listen to me carefully. Indy never rode out a nuclear explosion in a fridge, never saw a flying saucer, and never saw Sam Witwickey swinging through the trees with a pack of monkeys. There was never a 4th movie.)

The Raiders Pack includes Indiana Jones in his German disguise and bazooka prop. An unbelievable Toht figure with hat, fire poker, Marion's medallion, clutched hand, jacket, and a variant melty face. "It's beautiful!" The shirtless German mechanic gets a hat that he wears in the movie for even less time than his shirt, a gun he never uses, and a wrench he never holds. It would have made more sense if he came with a propeller blade. I'm looking forward to owning my first Doc Ock figure in hiking fatigues. I like that Satipo comes with a backpack of tools and a backpack of spiders. He also gets a torch. The Marion figure comes with a dinky, dare I say useless, pile of snakes and a torch. How clever was it for the figure to be designed with a removable shoe. Then, I noticed you don't get a removable shoe. The figure was designed with one bare foot. Finally, you get Indiana Jones in all his glory. Indy comes with a torch, bag of sand, fertility idol, and gun. Not sure if the satchel is removable or not.

I was very interested to learn that each figure would be individually packaged on it's own card. Think of the Marvel Universe Invaders pack with Cap, Torch, Namor, and Red Skull. Then, I was bummed to find out Hasbro is using the new card backs for these figures. I SO wanted Hasbro to go back and take the design of the old Kenner figures. You know, like Hasbro is presently using for the new Star Wars Black and Silver Vintage figs. Even first time figures from Attack of the Clones and Return of the Sith are getting this treatment.

You know a 6 pack is nice, but I'm really hunkering for that classic Indy figure. I want this to be the last Indy figure I ever need to buy. I just want this figure to be the pinnacle of all Indy figures. Strike one was missing the opportunity to use the 1984 design. Strike two is a coiled up whip that doesn't extend. So, I guess I don't have to worry about this being my last Indy figure after all.

R. Ticulation

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