Friday, March 30, 2012

This week @ Past Generation Toys - 3/30/2012

This week @

DC Direct  Batman preOrders

We just listed the new statues and busts for the new Batman Dark Knight Rises Movie.  Busts and statues are coming for Batman, Catwoman, and Bane!  Also listed are the Killer Croc and Mr. Freeze Arkham City Deluxe Action Figures!
Star Wars Vintage Collection Action Figure preOrders

We have Darth Vader, Darth Malgus, Anakin Skywalker, Dr. Evazan Cornelius, Kithaba, 501st Clone Trooper, Luke Skywlaker Hoth Gear and Imperial Navy Commander

Star Wars Clone Wars Action Figure preOrders

Recently posted Republic Commando Boss, Super Battle Droid, Obi-Wan (Season 4), Ahoska Tano Scuba Gear and the new Class II Attack Vehicles

Star Wars Saga Legeds Action Figure preOrders

Two new figures coming in May; Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot and ESB Darth Vader

Marvel Universe Comic Book 2 Pack preOrders

Silver Centurion Iron Man and Mandarin Marvel Universe Comic Book Action Figure 2-Pack

Colossus and Juggernaut Warlock Marvel Universe Comic Book Action Figure 2 Pack

Wolverine and Hulk Marvel Universe Comic Book Action Figure 2 Pack

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sub-Zero Mortal Kombat 18 Inch Premium Format Syco Collectibles Statue Review

Here's the set-up:  Recently, I was visiting my cousin.  I handed over to him 4 shoe boxes of some of my favorite comics and, in return, he showed me some YouTube videos produced, written, and directed by Kevin Tancharoen.  For those of you not "in the know", these are the Mortal Kombat Legacy videos that have racked up more than 16 million views each.  Now I see what's been spearheading this recent resurgence of t-shirts, action figures, and other merchandise.  Syco Collectibles noticed this trend and has produced an assortment of Mortal Kombat character statues.  Past Generation Toys recently started carrying the Syco statues so I took this oppertunity to bust one out of the box and really get a close-up look at what the Sub-Zero Mortal Kombat 18 Inch Premium Format Syco Collectibles Statue is all about.

The figure measures 18 inches tall, then add another 1 and 1/2 inches for the height of the base which is roughly 11 inches by 10.  It's pretty intimidating.  I love his stance.  Sub-Zero looks relaxed, yet the positioning of his feet give the impression he can pop a punch or snap a kick with the speed that would register only after you woke up in the hospital with a mysterious shoe print on your face.  It's like water that can instantly freeze into rock-solid ice.  Does that sound corny?  (Don't answer that.) 

Appropriately, Sub-Zero straddles the legendary Mortal Kombat dragon symbol.  When I look at the edges of the mount, I wonder if the bases of the other statues can attach to each other so the characters can stare down one another, just before they face off.  I am pleased that no ice balls or icicles were attempted as it's always hard to get the look of ice just right.  Usually it's too blue or looks too much like frosting.  Yet, even with the absence of ice, the bare gray stone and the muted blue costume give the impression of cold.  The pocked armor texture works well with the paint and pulls off the impression of a used, smoky metal.

The face mask and connecting hood are my favorite aspects of the statue.  The combination of skilled sculpting and paint applications make the head genuinely appear to be covered in a supple leather that not only could be worn, but gives the appearance of unhindered movement -- and you get two of them!  That's right, you can swap between two nearly identical heads.  The difference is in the eyes of the beholder.  Sub-Zero being the "beholder" since they are his eyes.  Or, the owner of this statue could be the "beholder" since...  Never mind!   It's just a roundabout way to say Sub-Zero has two different eye repaints on each head.  The first, is the standard head with pupils and irises, as you would expect, while the second head sports only empty, white eyes.  The "coolest" feature of this statue is the glowing eyes.  With 2 AA Batteries and a press of a button, this figure just became even more impressive. 

The only areas of the statue that could have used a bit more of attention are the eyebrows and arm color.   The scar over the right eye was painted over the eyebrow on both heads.  Also, the skin tone on the arms could do with a little more color variation as the attention to detail demonstrated throughout the figure seems neglected when studying the hands.
Overall, the sculpting is top-notch with wonderful detail highlighted in both heads, armor, and costume color palate.  So far, this is the best Sub-Zero statue out there.  Pick yours up as Past Generation Toys!  That's

See ya in the toy aisles, Steve "R. Ticulation"

Monday, March 19, 2012

Past Generation Toys March Madness Tournament

Vote for your favorite action figure in our March Madness head to head match-ups. The action figure with the most likes goes to next round. And of course, we want to know why!

Who will come out on top? Will it be Spider-Man elevating his game? Jabba dominating in the paint? Mario with the big hops? We have a lot of intriguing match 
ups that will make the Past Generation Toys inaugural March Madness tournament a must see event (see bracket below)! The first round starts Tuesday March 19 and the champion will be crowned on April 9th.


Movies Region
Predators (1) - Gets the overall 1 seed. Lots of skills, adapts to changing defenses, possesses a formidable arsenal of weapons inside the paint and beyond the arc.
Aliens (2) - Surprise entry. Not a lot known about Aliens. They play a stinging defense that causes opponents a lot of pain.

Comic Book Region
Spider-Man (1) - Everybody loves Spidey. Very versatile, great range, team player, can take some serious banging, and always elevates his game.
Venom (2) - Also known as Venom Symbiot, makes strong team bonds and has enhanced physical abilities. Venom can take you over - do not get too close!

GI Joe Region
Storm Shadow (1) - Stealthy player with lots of moves, can handle many weapons and challengers. Brings a more nuanced game to the States from the Japanese leagues.
Snake Eyes (2) - Quiet and swift. Informed by many styles of play. He is considered both dangerous and deadly.

MOTU  Region
He-Man (1) - Known for his superhuman strength, he can dominate weaker foes with ease. However, he is surprisingly quick and acrobatic as well. Could be the dark horse of the tournament.
Skeletor (2) - Extremely cunning and intelligent. Can cover great distances. Posses raw power and takes a scientific approach to things. He brings it all to the game!

Star Wars Region
Leia (1) - A crowd favorite. Smart, creative, and has a knack for getting out of tough situations.
Jabba (2) - Dominates the paint but vulnerable to quicker and more nimble opponents. Has a one dimensional style of play.

Thundercats Region
Lion-O (1) - Fiery team leader with great vision. Cunning and skillful but lacks maturity. A child in a man’s body.
Mumm-ra (2) - Master of disguise and deception. Lots of energy - a mystical might that has been a force in the universe since the beginning of time. Limited stamina could be his undoing.

Transformers Region
Optimus Prime (1) - Leader of the Autobots, he is immensely powerful and compassionate but get him angry and you will face his wrath as he “dunks” your team’s hopes away.
Megatron (2) - Leader of the Decepticons, he is known for being shifty, which can make him tough to figure out. Don’t be fooled though; he will cause match up problems for anyone.

Video Games Region
Super Mario Bros Mario (1) - Gets up and down the court like no other. Got some “hops” and has a knack for making magic happen!
Bowser (2) - Large and can dominate the inside game. Has a losing record against Mario but all have been close match ups. His size can give anyone trouble.