Monday, March 19, 2012

Past Generation Toys March Madness Tournament

Vote for your favorite action figure in our March Madness head to head match-ups. The action figure with the most likes goes to next round. And of course, we want to know why!

Who will come out on top? Will it be Spider-Man elevating his game? Jabba dominating in the paint? Mario with the big hops? We have a lot of intriguing match 
ups that will make the Past Generation Toys inaugural March Madness tournament a must see event (see bracket below)! The first round starts Tuesday March 19 and the champion will be crowned on April 9th.


Movies Region
Predators (1) - Gets the overall 1 seed. Lots of skills, adapts to changing defenses, possesses a formidable arsenal of weapons inside the paint and beyond the arc.
Aliens (2) - Surprise entry. Not a lot known about Aliens. They play a stinging defense that causes opponents a lot of pain.

Comic Book Region
Spider-Man (1) - Everybody loves Spidey. Very versatile, great range, team player, can take some serious banging, and always elevates his game.
Venom (2) - Also known as Venom Symbiot, makes strong team bonds and has enhanced physical abilities. Venom can take you over - do not get too close!

GI Joe Region
Storm Shadow (1) - Stealthy player with lots of moves, can handle many weapons and challengers. Brings a more nuanced game to the States from the Japanese leagues.
Snake Eyes (2) - Quiet and swift. Informed by many styles of play. He is considered both dangerous and deadly.

MOTU  Region
He-Man (1) - Known for his superhuman strength, he can dominate weaker foes with ease. However, he is surprisingly quick and acrobatic as well. Could be the dark horse of the tournament.
Skeletor (2) - Extremely cunning and intelligent. Can cover great distances. Posses raw power and takes a scientific approach to things. He brings it all to the game!

Star Wars Region
Leia (1) - A crowd favorite. Smart, creative, and has a knack for getting out of tough situations.
Jabba (2) - Dominates the paint but vulnerable to quicker and more nimble opponents. Has a one dimensional style of play.

Thundercats Region
Lion-O (1) - Fiery team leader with great vision. Cunning and skillful but lacks maturity. A child in a man’s body.
Mumm-ra (2) - Master of disguise and deception. Lots of energy - a mystical might that has been a force in the universe since the beginning of time. Limited stamina could be his undoing.

Transformers Region
Optimus Prime (1) - Leader of the Autobots, he is immensely powerful and compassionate but get him angry and you will face his wrath as he “dunks” your team’s hopes away.
Megatron (2) - Leader of the Decepticons, he is known for being shifty, which can make him tough to figure out. Don’t be fooled though; he will cause match up problems for anyone.

Video Games Region
Super Mario Bros Mario (1) - Gets up and down the court like no other. Got some “hops” and has a knack for making magic happen!
Bowser (2) - Large and can dominate the inside game. Has a losing record against Mario but all have been close match ups. His size can give anyone trouble.

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