Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Come on Hasbro, Articulate the Positive!

What is the role of a toy's packaging?  I know the box is suppose to protect the contents from the perils of the shipping, notwithstanding shot put or stepping stool. Once in the store the packaging is suppose to draw attention to itself with the ultimate goal of dishing out some of your hard earned green at the cash register. Package art is advertising, straight up. So why are American toy companies literally selling themselves short? Japanese toy manufactures understand the value of box art. As an example, let's check out the back of the REVOLTECH Bumble Bee figure. 

A thing of beauty, right? Multiple photos highlight not only the accessories and poses, but showcase the special features. I like to think up my own poses, but some of these are just too amazing not to copy. From the tilt of the wrist to the angle the feet every detail is taken into consideration. As a contrast, let's look at Aayla Secura from the Clone Wars line of toys.

I get it. If you only have one picture, you have to load it up with all the accessories that are available with the figure. (If that's the case, they forgot her goggles.) But that doesn't explain the boring cardboard pose?

How about something a little more dynamic, like this?

Or, load up the back of the card with an assortment of poses, like these?

Being the last of the ankle jointed figures, this figure has so much more to offer than one stagnant pose. Why not show potential customers what it can do?

Hasbro's GI Joe designing team is starting to see the light. Here's a shot of the back of the Snake Eyes card. This is the card back of the Retaliation line of figures.

We'll see these figures again in 2013 when the movie is finished being transferred to 3-D. Not the most exciting poses, but a step in the right direction. What I'm saying is, use all the tools you have in your arsenal and show the possible buyer the toy's full potential. This is the heart of advertising. If I've picked the toy up, I'm halfway to lying about who I'm buying these toys for. "These are for my son, he's...(dart a glance at the minimum age)...4 plus."

R. Ticulation

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